How To Find Work for My Construction Company with the Help of a Construction Estimating Firm: Tips and Strategies

Find work with the help of construction estimating firm

Running a construction business is not as smooth as you might think. There are ups and downs everywhere.

Contracting business requires time and energy to focus on sales, marketing, and other core areas. On the other hand, contractors always struggle to get time and find work. Moreover, they also struggle to set up a system to get construction job leads and generate more sales.

For example, to bid on different jobs, contractors are required to devise an estimate which is a hectic task and requires time and effort. However, they can hire the services of a construction estimating firm to save time and effort. 

In this article, you will get tips to find jobs for your contracting business. You will be able to get potential clients and develop long-term relationships with them as well as deliver projects successfully. 

What Is a Construction Estimating Firm?

The construction takeoff services involve the overall quantity of material and labor. Contractors always struggle to get profit and deliver projects within the budget. Therefore, a construction estimating firm helps the contractor to devise estimates and get accurate figures in a quick time. If you are seriously looking for jobs, you may save a lot of time by using estimating firm services to focus on business development and marketing areas. 

Contracting businesses can use estimating firms to estimate and evaluate their projects and potential bids to apply for more jobs. Therefore, contractors must use estimates to bid on more jobs to win more. 

Construction estimation

Tips To Find Work For My Construction Company

Finding work for your contracting business is easy if you have plans and strategies that are right for the market and potential customers. Following are some of the tips to find work:

1. Online Sources

Online sources include internet advertising using different platforms such as social media, email, and Google as well as lead generation. Many online customers are searching. You must have different strategies for different platforms. 

The first platform is social media where residents, potential customers, and homeowners often show interest. Gifts, giveaways, and discounts are attractive means to advertise your business services on social media. Moreover, specialty contractors and remodeling contractors always use social media. 

Another platform is email marketing where you can send emails to contacts and with persuasive and sales messages. You should write short, to-the-point, and powerful emails to generate leads. Reliable leads always come Cold emailing should offer discounts and deals to attract customers and should contain the message about what you can do for clients. 

Google is another powerful and reliable source to generate leads. Many people are searching for information by searching on Google. You can invest and advertise your business services to get the leads and make the most of the opportunity. Moreover, there are special agencies working to generate more leads and outsource marketing and sales. 

2. Offline Sources 

Offline lead generation requires meeting and contacting people. You can make a list and visit each of them. It is time-consuming but it works. You should visit 4-5 people each week, introduce your services, and offer quotes for different works. Moreover, to offer a price, you can use a construction estimating firm to devise proper estimates. Additionally, you can call them and increase your relationship by visiting them later and increasing sales. 

Moreover, the sales process to convert those leads is always necessary. Therefore, you should close deals by estimating the jobs quickly. The bidding and estimating process is a must to afford the project and bid lower than other bids. For such purposes, you can save time and effort by hiring a construction estimating firm. 

3. Networking

Powerful but time-consuming and promising. You need to visit developers’, investors, and stakeholders’ offices and job sites and invite them to lunch. Moreover, you need to do anything that promotes your business and cements your standing with contractors and stakeholders.

Moreover, your goal must be to build trust and increase your connections because the clients will work with you instead of with someone else they don’t know. Furthermore, this trust will also increase your referrals and make finding a job and work easy. 

4. Government Construction Projects

Government construction projects are an important part of the market. Contractors use construction estimating firm to estimate different projects and bid on them. Therefore, you should always check and sign up for government projects available on different online and offline platforms. 

5. Contact Developers, Architects, & Others

There are many general, specialty, and subcontractors doing different works. You can visit them and build connections. Once they find a new job, they will always search for subcontractors and specialty contractors and if you’re one, chances are strong that they will find some work. Moreover, architects are also the main point and often the first point of meetings between developers and contractors. Because contractors often ask architects to find someone to build the design into reality. 

How To Increase Sales and Find Jobs

You can increase your profit and win more jobs by using proper and accurate estimates. First of all, you should bid on relevant projects and then estimate them. Construction estimating firm can do this task quickly and accurately. This will help you a lot since you know the price tag of completing the project and increasing your profit.

Moreover, accurate estimates avoid costly errors and reduce overspending. Contractors must have quick, accurate, and reliable estimates to bid on more jobs to win more work and keep their project cycle running. Otherwise, you would end up focusing on one project and missing other potential opportunities. 

Accurate estimates are crucial not only to win jobs and increase profit. They are also necessary to deliver projects successfully and increase your repute in the industry and market. Moreover, a reputable company with an excellent record is the first choice of customers. 


Finding work for your construction company is easy if you follow the right strategy and work according to market trends. Certainly, you will need to embrace digital and online resources as well as offline and traditional sources.

The article explains some of the tips and strategies to increase the work but you should choose the one that suits your business. However, a construction estimating firm is always helpful to devise estimates quickly and accurately to bud on more jobs and win more jobs. 

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