A List of 38 Essential Construction Tools & Equipment with Names and Pictures

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In the world of construction, there are numerous construction tools and equipment that are used on a daily basis.

Knowledge about the construction tool is necessary to select a suitable construction tool for the job, which ultimately affects how well your entire project turns out.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the most important and commonly used construction tools for all sorts of construction work.

A) Brickwork

Brick wall (or) Brick masonry is a durable form of construction that involves systematically placing bricks using mortar to bind the bricks together to form a single solid mass that can carry high loads. The various tools that are used for the work are,

1) Trowel

It is a flat tool with a pointed end used for carrying and spreading mortar evenly on the brick during laying. It is available in various sizes and shapes depending on the type of work.

Usually, 10-12-inch long trowels are used for laying bricks, and 5-inch trowels are used for pointing works.

Brick trowel - Construction equipment

2) Mortar Hoe

A mortar hoe is a long-handed rectangular flat tool, used for mixing mortar or concrete to achieve uniform consistency.

Mortar Hoe

3) Brick Hammer

A brick hammer is used for trimming/breaking bricks into a specific size. It is also used to push and orient the bricks if they come out of the course line while laying.

Brick hammer

4) Spirit level

It is used to check the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the brick wall. It contains several small cylinders with bubbles. When the bubble is at the center, the surface is said to be on the same level.

Spirit level - Construction tools and equipment's

5) Plumb bob

It is one of the most used construction tools on the site. It has a small conical weight at the end connected by the thread. It is used to check the vertical alignment of the structure.

Plumb bob - Construction tool and equipment with name

6) Bolster

It is a kind of chisel used to cut out bricks, cement blocks, cinder blocks, and stones to a greater accuracy. It is sometimes used to carve out cement plaster and concrete.

Brick Bolster - Construction tools and equipment with names

7) String lines

It is used to establish straight lines for laying bricks. These reference lines serve as guides to ensure the bricks are laid in a straight and level pattern.

String line in brick work - Construction tool with names

8) Corner brackets

It is used to anchor down the string lines very easily at the corner of the bricks.

Corner brackets to tie string line in brickwork

9) Brick jointer tool

It is used to shape and finish the mortar joints between the bricks. It has both concave and convex-shaped working ends to create uniformly pleasing mortar joints.

Brick jointer tool in brick work construction

B) Concrete work

Working with concrete is one of the crucial and highly skilled jobs in the construction industry, whether you are finishing a slab or perfecting your driveway. Knowledge of the tools used is necessary for mastering this craft.

The wide range of tools and equipment that are used for the concrete work are,

1) Concrete mixer

It is a machine that mixes the ingredients of the concrete such as cement, sand, gravel, and admixtures evenly at the site to form a uniform consistency concrete.

Concrete mixer - Construction equipment used for concrete work

2) Concrete Needle vibrator

It is used to vibrate the concrete matrix to remove any unwanted air bubbles in the mix. A good vibration is necessary for concrete to form a single matrix material. However, excessive vibration also leads to various effects such as honeycombing, etc.

Concrete needle vibrator - Construction equipment used for concrete work

3) Bull float

It is a large, flat, rectangular tool with a long handle used to smooth and level the freshly poured concrete surfaces. It pushes down the aggregate from the surface so that the surface can be further finished properly.

Bull float equipment for concrete screeding

4) Screeder

It is also used to level the concrete surface. It cuts up the high spots and fills voids in the surfaces. The powered screeder works well for a larger area.

Screeding equipment's for concrete work - Manual screeder and vibratory power screeder

5) Hand float

It is used to create a smooth finish on the concrete surface. It removes minute surface imperfections.

Hand float equipment for concrete work

6) Edger

It is used to create smooth, rounded edges on concrete surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Forming the edges was very easy with this tool.

Concrete edger tool for concrete work

7) Groover

It is used to create control joints or grooves in freshly poured concrete. Its primary purpose is to control cracking in concrete slabs and surfaces.

Concrete groove tool for concrete work

8) Concrete broom

It is used to add texture to the surface of concrete, making it less slippery. This texture enhances grip and is commonly used for outdoor surfaces like sidewalks and driveways.

Concrete broom finishing tool

c) Plumbing work

Plumbing involves a variety of work such as installation, maintenance, and repair of the pipe system which is essential for conveying water, gas, and sewages in our buildings. Plumbers use a variety of tools, some of which are listed below.

1) Pipe wrench

It is a vital tool for turning and gripping pipes and fittings. They come in two main types: adjustable and straight. The adjustable ones are mostly widely used. The straight ones are usually used for larger main pipes.

Pipe wrench tool

2) Pipe cutter

It is used to cut pipes cleanly and accurately. This tool ensures precise cuts for proper pipe installation or repair.

Pipe cutter

3) Pipe threader

With this tool, you can easily put a clean thread on your pipes, allowing them to be connected to fittings and any other pipes.

Pipe threader kit for plumbing work

4) Teflon tape

It is a thin, white tape used to seal threaded pipe connections and prevent leaks. It’s wrapped around the threads of a pipe or fitting before assembly to provide a secure, watertight seal.

Tefflon tape for plumbing work

5) Plumbers snake

It is a flexible cable with an upward tooth at the ends. It’s used to remove blockages from pipes, drains, and sewer lines by pulling them out. It is also known as drain auger.

Plumber's snake or auger drain for plumbing work

d) Rebar work

Reinforcing steel bar work, also known as rebar work is an important work that is to be carried out before concreting. It involves placing a series of steel bars to strengthen the concrete. Here is a list of essential tools for rebar work:

1) Rebar bender

It is a tool designed to bend rebar into specific shapes or angles as required by the construction design. There are power tools available for this operation but for smaller jobs, manual rebar bender works very well.

Manual rebar bender - Construction tool

2) Manual Rebar tier

It is a tool used to efficiently tie the rebars together with the binding wire. The manual tool makes it convenient by using a single pull to complete the twist. It is also known as Pull tie wire twister.

Manual rebar tying tool

3) Automatic Rebar tier

This automatic tool makes the rebar tying work quite easy. It takes less than one second to complete a knot, saving a lot of time and effort. It is widely used in construction sites, farms, garden fence repair, and other places.

Automatic rebar tying tool

4) Rebar safety caps

It is used to safely cover the exposed rebar on the construction site to prevent injury and to increase visibility. They are brightly colored and easily noticeable.

Rebar safety cap - Construction tool

e) General tools

These general tools are foundational for people who are all involved in construction projects. These tools help to complete the task efficiently with safety and accuracy. Some of the important tools are listed below.

1) Miter saw

It is a powerful tool used for cutting various materials, including lumber and plywood. It’s essential for framing, trimming, and other carpentry tasks. It makes accurate cuts at all angles.

Miter saw construction tool

2) Framing square

It is a tool used for measuring, marking right angles, and checking the right angle of structures during construction.

Framing square

3) Crowbar

Crowbars are one of the essential tools used in various construction, renovation, and demolition projects. It is used to produce maximum torque when pulling nails or opening crates. It is also known as Pry bar and Gooseneck wrecking bar.

Crow bar construction tool

4) Screwdriver set

It is one of the basic tools that everyone must have irrespective of the job. It is used for varieties of purposes like DIY projects, screwing nails into the wood or removing screws from an electronic product, etc.

Screw driver set for construction

5) Measuring tape

Measuring tape is an essential tool for taking accurate measurements for various construction tasks, from cutting materials to layout work.

Measuring tape for construction

6) Cordless drills

Cordless drills are used for drilling holes and driving screws in construction, woodworking, electrical, and various DIY projects.

Cordless drill for construction

f) Safety tools

Safety tools and equipment are essential to protect workers from potential hazards and ensure their safety. Some of them are listed below.

1) Safety Goggles

Safety goggles shield the eyes from flying debris, dust, chemicals, and harmful light. It should be worn mandatorily when working with any cutting operations.

Safety glasses for construction

2) Ear plugs

Hearing protection is essential in noisy construction environments to prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and any other potential damage to the ear drum. Make sure to wear hearing protection when being exposed to more than 85 decibels.

Ear plug for construction

3) Hand gloves

It is important to protect your hands while handling sharp construction materials and operating any hazardous construction tools. It is mandatory for all types of workers like carpenters, warehouse workers, construction workers, etc.

Hand gloves for construction

4) Respirators

Respirators filter the air to protect against inhaling harmful dust particles, and fumes. One can also use a dust mask if the volume of the dust particles is minimal.

Respirators for construction workers

5) Safety boots

Safety boots protect the feet from falling objects and any other sharp materials in the construction site. It also prevents the burning sensation of the feet while working with concrete.

Safety boots for construction workers


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While we’ve covered some of the most important construction tools for various tasks, there are many specialized tools available in the world of construction.

If you have any other essential tool in mind that you believe should be added to the list, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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