Complete reinforcement details for columns, beams and slabs
Complete Reinforcement Details For Columns, Beams, and Slabs
Have you ever been on a construction site or sitting in a lecture and heard people throw around terms like primary reinforcement, secondary reinforcement, stirrups, ties, chairs, and whatnot?If your...
Understanding Various parts of stairs and components of staircase
Understanding Parts Of Stairs: Components Of Staircase And Their Details
Stairs are a series of steps properly arranged in such a manner as to connect different floors of a building. Stairs are designed to provide easy and quick access to the different floors of the building.In...
List of Best Integral and Derivative Calculators for Solving Math Problems Fast
The Best Integral and Derivative Calculators for Solving Math Problems Fast
Integrals and derivatives are important concepts in calculus. However, solving integrals and finding derivatives can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes when done by hand. This is where online calculators...
This image shows the various types of pile foundation available in the construction field
What Is Pile Foundation? Types of Pile Foundation
The foundation is an important part of a structure that sits below the ground level and provides support to the entire structure. It distributes the entire weight of the superstructure to the rock or soil...
Spalling of concrete - Causes, Effects and Prevention
Spalling Of Concrete: Causes, Effects, and Prevention
What is spalling of concrete?Spalling of concrete refers to the deterioration of the surface of concrete, resulting in flaking and peeling off the surface layer of concrete.It occurs in various structures...
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